Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Mommy rant

Ok so this is why people start blogs, right? To rant about things they are annoyed at. I like to think I am not easily irked about things and I actually think motherhood has already made me a much more patient person. That being said, today I had to force my eyes not to roll in annoyance.

We are getting new windows put in our flat (exciting!) so today we had the windows guys come and take measurements. I, of course, had forgotten about this. We all know I have a bad case of baby brain so I'm sure this comes as no surprise to you either. William called me at 9am when he got to work to remind me and said the guys would call and tell me an hour before they would be here. Ok, that's fine, I can go with the flow I said. Slightly bugged that I had to put on makeup and something other than pajama bottoms but it was fine (and probably better than wearing my bathrobe all morning anyway).

So, they call around lunch time and say they are coming between 3:30pm and 6pm. As far as I'm aware, that is not a one hour time slot. But again- I am flexible- so I said no problem, see you then! Freddie and I have lunch and he goes down for a nap at 1:15pm. A half hour later (!) he wakes up and is majorly bugged. I'd just finished pumping and had started making soup- very ambitious for me but I thought it'd be easy since he normally sleeps an hour and a half. Could be the new teeth, the fact that he is learning how to pull himself up on everything (more on that below), who knows. Anyway, he was wrecked but would not go back to sleep.

And, not only would he not go back to sleep but for the next hour he would not let me put him down. He was sad, mad and clingy- a triple threat. So, I made soup with one hand and held him on my hip with the other while periodically trying (unsuccessfully) to get him interested in the dozens of toys sprawled all over the floor. You know how I love to multitask so this was not a huge problem for me.

The windows guys get here at 3pm. They come straight in, with no small talk, and just start measuring everything. This is fine with me since Freddie and I are still literally attached at the hip. I totally forgot (baby brain strikes again) that I have to let them out to the garden so they can see the outside of the bedroom windows so I am now also frantically searching for our key to the back door while holding Freddie and trying to finish the soup. I can't find the key so I knock on my neighbor's door and borrow his.

I then realized I haven't offered the windows guys tea or coffee. Now, for my American readers you might think this is overkill in the hospitality department. Well, it's the thing to do here anytime someone steps two inches inside your front door. I actually think it's a nice, friendly thing to do when you have visitors and I myself always appreciate the offer when I go to peoples houses. That being said, I was currently STILL holding an upset Freddie, cooking soup and trying to figure out which of the 5 keys on my neighbor's keychain was the one for the back door. But, I do the nice thing and I offer the two guys tea or coffee.

The younger guy looks at Freddie's red eyes, my greasy hair (I put on makeup but had skipped the shower- I'm not superwoman!) and the sweet potato on my shirt and said no thanks. The older guy glanced over from the living room window and said "thanks, I'd love a cup of coffee! One sugar and a bit of milk please." WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT! Are you serious?! It was seriously all I could do not to roll my eyes and glare at the same time (an impressive feat in and of itself). So, I wiped my sweaty brow (Freddie is getting heavy!) and made him a cup of coffee while finishing the soup, holding Freddie and trying to figure out which key to use.

I mean can some people honestly not tell when you are just asking to be polite? Come on! It was so obvious! I could not have looked more frazzled. UGH.

Anyway, on a lighter note- this is what I encountered when I went in to get Freddie after his morning nap:
What a show off only holding on with one hand!! :)


  1. Maybe you didn't look as frazzled as you felt and he thought you were handling it all really well? Just a thought :)

    Your little guy is so adorable, by the way. Just ridiculously cute.

    I love your blog. So fun to read!

    -Jenny (Cooper) Richardson

    1. Thanks Jenny! The thought never occurred to me that I might not look as disheveled as I felt. Ha! Hope you and your kiddos are doing well. :)

  2. AH!!!! You Scots are so nice, we Americans just hide in the other room and try not to get in the way! Go Freddie - one hand!!

    1. Ha I know- I wish I could have!! When in Rome I guess.


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