Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Welcome Baby Elsie/Happy 2nd Birthday Freddie!!

Guess these two will have to get used to sharing so might as well start with a joint blog post! Elsie Grace Kearns was born at 5:40pm on Friday, April 25th. After three days in labor, we were very glad she decided to eventually come out!! She weighed 8 lbs, 13 ounces (4 kg) and was 51 cm long.

First bath! Loved it obviously.

William and I were sure it was going to be a boy so were shocked when we saw otherwise. She's been a great eater and sleeper (two very important qualities at 11 days old) so far and an overall joy to be around.

Big brother Freddie was instantly taken with his little sis, and even bypassed her gift (a sticker book of diggers and various construction equipment), just wanting to hold her. We are all so excited to be a family of four!

Double stroller!

Yesterday we celebrated another big day - Freddie's second birthday!! He found his birthday shirt at the end of a string attached to his bed in the morning, tried out his balance bike and helmet in the afternoon and expertly blew out the candles on his 'F'-shaped carrot cake after dinner. What a fun day!

It's been an amazing two years with Freddie (the best!) and I couldn't pass up an opportunity to do an imovie of some of our adventures (call it the Rich Kay in me). Consider yourself warned - it's 15 minutes long - but if you have the time, it's a great look back on the first two years of this little guy's life. We love you Freddie!

Watch the video on youtube (I couldn't embed it in the post for some reason.)


  1. That video's a sob fest, so good!

  2. Me too Anna! Tearjerker- happy bday Freddy

  3. It's a total tearjerker. I've watched it a million times and I cry everytime. That guy!

  4. I also just noticed that in most of these pics he's not wearing any pants. Ha!

  5. What a lovely family of 4! Congratulations! Nx


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