Monday, 7 January 2013

Down on the farm

Freddie had the opportunity to go to a real farm when we were in Ireland for Christmas. Quite different from the "farm" we went to for Santa photos, this farm had acres of land and dozens of cows. It was legit.

We saw a calf that was just weeks old as well as a number of pregnant cows. And- I learned what the difference is between a cow and a heifer. Anyone know? There's nothing quite like being out in the country air surrounded by cattle... As you might (and I should) have expected, we came home smelling like manure but it was all worth it. Note to self for the next time though- shower after instead of before. Yowzers- that scent is not for the faint-hearted.


  1. what's the difference between a heifer and a cow?? My guess - heifer is a female cow . . . not sure why my brain thinks that but it does!

    1. You are right that a heifer is female but cows are too...the difference is a cow has had a calf before but a heifer hasn't. So- we were both heifers last year! ha


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