Sunday, 29 May 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Elsie!!

A month later and it's finished! Ha! My latest project - a video of Elsie's first two years. And yes, it's 15 minutes long. Watch if you have the time - she's pretty dang cute. We love you Elsie!!

Welcome Baby Harry!

Harrison Lucas Kearns was born on April 14, 2016. After about 5 days of pretty consistent contractions, we were more than happy he finally decided to come out! I was 7cm dilated when I got to the doctor's office and was rushed to the labor ward immediately. Ultimately, it took several more hours and an emergency c-section to get him out but it was an amazing experience nonetheless. He immediately peed on the doctors and nurses before being snuggled by William and my mom, who were there with me. He weighed 8 pounds, 10 ounces and was 21 inches long. After I was patched up we went back to my original room and introduced him to Francie, who was waiting there on the edge of her seat. It was so fun to have them all there and so exciting we are now a family of five!


Rhea was a constant companion of Freddie's when we lived in Edinburgh. I met her mom, my friend Lisa, when we were both pregnant and did the same yoga class. I was thrilled to meet her and instantly thought she could become a good friend. Plus, we lived close to each other and she offered me a ride home after every class. So nice not to walk back to my flat on those pitch black Scottish nights.

Our kiddos were born exactly a month apart - Rhea on April 5th and Freddie on May 5th. They were babies who stared at each other during our coffee shop meet-ups, 10-month olds who crawled around together at the museum, 1 year-olds who toddled after one another in the park, 2-year olds who jumped up and down in each other's cribs and 3-year-olds who chased after each other and played hide-and-seek.

Rhea was an amazing little girl who we loved so much. We are talking about her daily and trying to remember all the fun times we had together instead of being sad. It's helped to look at pictures of them together - Freddie finds thinking about them as babies especially funny. She will always be synonymous with our time in Edinburgh - she (and her mom) certainly helped shape me as a parent. Lots of love to her whole family now and for the future.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Two weeks ago I got some of the saddest news I've ever had. My 'little sister' Elizabeth unexpectedly passed away. I felt physically sick. My heart literally hurt. There's been a wave of emotions since then  extreme sadness, for the years we will miss her, but also laughter, remembering what a hysterical and fun-loving kid she was. Her death still seems surreal and also just so, so unfair. 
Lounging in the hammock

I remember exactly what I was doing the day Elizabeth was born. It was June 23, 1995 — my last day of sixth grade. I was 12. We'd heard the baby, Sarah's little sis, was going to be arriving soon and, finally, I got the news when I was walking up to my friend's house after swimming in Lake Washington. To say I was excited is an understatement. Another little girl for my mom to watch; another 'little sister' for me and my siblings. We already thought Sarah was amazing (and useful for fetching glasses of water and other items from around the house) and now there'd be two of them coming over every day. 

I gave Liz bottles, rocked her and watched her roll over on a blanket outside. She was the most adorable baby — always calm, cool and collected. She didn't even squirm when you were changing her, something I wish I could say of my own two children! She grew into the cuddliest toddler and we'd spend hours playing out in the backyard, laying on the hammock, or inside having dance parties and filming our own music videos. 

Often, my sisters or I would babysit Sarah and Liz if Matt and Sheila wanted to go out. It was a win-win situation. We got to hang out with the sweetest kids (it honestly did not feel like babysitting it was so easy  not something I can say of all the babysitting gigs I had as a teenager) and eat fruit snacks by the boxful out of their pantry. 

As most kids do, she radiated positivity. But what stands out about Elizabeth/Liz/Liza/Lizard (we are big fans of nicknames in my fam), is that she carried this positivity throughout her whole life. That is why now, I can only be thankful for the time I had knowing her. 

Genuine, kind, sweet and loving, Liza was a true treasure. 

An original 'hold-out,' pre-selfie stick
Seaside! Looks like Liz is bringing back lunch

Francie and I with Liza, about 1999

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