Saturday, 13 September 2014

Summer in Seattle, 2014

4 generations of Padden females.

We went off on our annual Seattle trip on August 19th. Margaret ("Bobo"), Freddie, Elsie and I flew over for three weeks of fun in the sun with William joining us for 10 days in the middle. We had a fabulous time at Clare and Jon's wedding, playing in the sand at Seaside and relaxing in beautiful K-town. Couldn't have asked for a better holiday, thanks in most part to the company.

The kids had a blast with their cousins and we came back with Elsie now rolling over and Freddie speaking in full sentences. "I don't like that, Mom" - pointing at his pancakes this morning (!!). One second later - "I like that, Mom" (pointing at his pancakes again). We are still getting over the jet lag, which has been horrid for everyone this time for some reason, but have lots of fun activities planned for this weekend to tire everyone out and resume a 7pm bedtime!

Els and Greta getting acquainted.

Keeley, Freddie, Ollie and Reenie Roo at the kids' table.

Freddie, Keeley & Reenie having a ball.
Els taking a load off on Grandpa.

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