Friday, 4 January 2013

Freddie's First Christmas

Happy New Year everyone!! After a short hiatus, I am back and ready to blog. We had a wonderful Christmas in Ireland, full of many 'firsts' for Freddie. The photo/movie highlights are below. He really took his time opening presents (check out the video) so it was good he had his cousins around to help him out in Ireland.

First time opening presents:

First Edinburgh Christmas:

First Ireland Christmas:

First Christmas dinner: 

First Christmas cracker:

Freddie also sat up for the first time on his own and had his first trip to a farm! More about those two momentous events in the next post! Until then, Happy 2013 to you all! Freddie and I are off on a run as soon as he wakes up from his morning nap. I think we both put on a bit of "holiday weight" so it's time to burn some cals.


  1. Freddie is a painfully slow present opener!!! WHATS IN THE BOX????!!!! hahahaha. Such cute pics!

    1. It was...a set of stacking rings!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seriously, what's in the box? On the edge of my seat! Freddie isn't going to win any present opening contests but he sure is cute. LOVE the pic of him and William with the Christmas cracker.


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