Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Unconventional Toys

You've seen Freddie play with cereal boxes before but he's taking it to a whole new level these days. We got a new, easy-to-fold umbrella stroller for our upcoming trip to Seattle and Freddie has spent the majority of this week playing with the box it came in. He's getting better and better at standing up on it and loves shoving the toys I put on top over to the other side. He then sort of nose-dives over the top to retrieve them.

William has also invented a game with the box that Freddie just loves. William holds the box at one end and Freddie holds it at the other and they send toys back and forth to each other. Freddie does a little jump every time one slides down and falls out on to his lap. It surprises him every time!

Another favorite "toy" at the moment? William's new shoes. And any shoes for that matter! This is our go-to toy for diaper changes, getting him into his PJ's and basically any time we need to distract him for 30 seconds while we do something. Some of his infant-sized shoes (hilarious that they even sell those) have also become strictly teething toys. The rubber soles have definitely helped his latest installment (the two front teeth!) come in.


  1. Love the pics - and the box game!

    1. It is a fun game- I highly recommend it. Ollie might enjoy it now that he can sit up!


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