Monday, 28 January 2013

Food for thought

Freddie's been eating solid foods for just about 3 months now. We started with baby porridge mixed with milk, transitioned to finger foods like overcooked carrot sticks and plain toast and now, it thrills me to say this, we are to the point where we are all (sometimes) eating similar things.

This is exciting for one major reason: I don't have to cook three completely different meals (for William: a meat version, for myself: a veggie version, for Freddie: a baby version). And trust me, when you are trying to have dinner ready at 5-530pm and have an 8-month old trying to bust into the kitchen- this is a challenge. Depending on what was on the menu, I would sometimes have to start cooking at 4 in the afternoon. 4pm!!

Now that we have the baby gates up, Freddie just sits patiently in the hall and waits for me to get dinner ready. HAHAHA. Just kidding- what actually happens is he plays with a toy for about 2 minutes and then looks at me like, "what else have you got?" I end up throwing him whatever is close by and not sharp to buy me another couple minutes. Lately this has included tupperwares, measuring cups and the spatula.

Here are a lunch and dinner we've had recently:

For me: an open-faced bagel with hummus, quorn chicken slices, cheese, avocado and rocket, an apple, two clementines, a yogurt and water.

For Freddie: cooked parsnip sticks with a little peanut butter, cream cheese and avocado on toast, half a banana, yogurt and water.

For ALL OF US!: angel hair pasta, tomato and basil sauce and fake-meat meatballs (these are the Sainsbury brand and are actually SO good).

Kinda makes ya hungry huh! Happy Monday everyone!


  1. YUM! forgot about those fake meatballs. I am SALIVATINGGGGGGGGG

  2. Hi Charlene!
    Had to comment - made all 3 of us scrambled eggs and toast yesterday and it was so nice setting 3 plates and having us all eat together (although think Jerry just sucked on a bit of toast really!).
    Will try Sainsbury's fake meatballs as I've only had the quorn ones so far.
    Love the blog,

    1. Hey Nicola! I know- isn't it so nice to finally cook something that works for everyone!! The Sainsbury fake meatballs are superior to the Quorn ones, in my opinion. Hi to little Jerry!

  3. YUM!!! Avocado on bagel sounds fab. Of course he won't sit patiently waiting, not in old Freddie's nature, haha.


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