Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Living in the U.S.A.

Well, we've been stateside almost 2 months so I guess it's time for a Kay/Kearns family update! We arrived in Seattle on April 28th, with a well-rested Elsie (5 hours sleeping on William's lap on the plane), a semi-well-rested William (dozed with Elsie) and a very tired Freddie and I (spent most of the flight eating, drinking coffee and watching TV). We were met by 3 of my 4 siblings, waving American flags and welcome signs. What can I say, Americans are expressive! As always, it was a relief to get off the airplane and take a big breath of fresh air.

We continued on a sickness run (no, I haven't yet gotten past the chicken pox misery of March/April. Brutal!) and within a week of arriving I had mastitis and after another week William had mono and a bad throat infection. Thank heavens for antibiotics and lots of family around to help us rest! We are all (even Freddie after his recent fall off a rock/bloody head/trip to the ER) back to good health now, thank goodness!

We've been enjoying the Seattle summer, which apparently started in April this year! It has been hot and sunny pretty much every day since we've been here. We packed away the coats and snowsuits, gone through copious amounts of sunscreen, and Freddie has freckles. Adorable. He is suddenly so mature and capable (he'll be the first to tell you he's 3!). He climbs trees, dresses himself (even the sandals!) and can cruise on his balance bike and scooter. He looks after his little sis very well and loves sharing the new 'kids room' with her. They chat a bit before naps and bed and miss each other when the other one's not in there, too.

Elsie has followed in her climbing brother's footsteps and climbs up on toys, chairs, cushions, and anything else she can reach. She isn't saying much (other than the constant 'hiya' and 'hi' to her cousins, Nina, Grandpa and her favorite companion  Booter, my sister's dog) but she signs 'more' and 'all finished,' so can definitely still get her point across. Her volume has increased as well, which helps. :) Both Freddie and Elsie are beside themselves with excitement every time their cousins come over or we all meet up somewhere. Instant friends!

The job front has been amazing — William got a job within two weeks of us arriving (did the interview two days before he got mono) and he's really been enjoying it. I've been working with my sistahs (check out Cascadia Content for all your web copy/content needs) but despite being busy somehow William and I are spending more time together than recent years. Nice to have so many babysitters nearby!

We REALLY miss our friends and family across the pond. Hope you are all doing well and planning your Seattle holidays! ;)

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