Saturday, 4 July 2015

Happy 4th! (aka the best time to be back in the USA)

Following the age-old phrase 'when in Rome,' we jumped right back into the swing of things today. What say you Brits? It's just an average ol' Saturday? Not here. It's Independence Day! A day to celebrate being finally free from those durn Redcoats. Here are our highlights (so far) from the holiday weekend:
  1. William got yesterday off work. Woohooo! Long weekend! We celebrated with banana pancakes on our new pancake griddle. (That's right - we may not have our own house but we did buy a brand spanking new pancake griddle. Only the essentials.)
  2. Flag shirts. If you do not wear red, white and blue on the 4th of July here you are by FAR the minority. Not only that - you're weird. It's simply a must. William and I sported his and hers flag shirts while the kids wore white shirts they spray painted with red and blue paint (genius idea by my sister Anna.) 
  3. The parade. Americans really like to kick up their heels whenever they can. Halloween, St. Paddy's day (?!), a solo trip to the grocery story (you MUST treat yourself to a frappuccino) - whatever it is, it's time to go all out. On the 4th of July, every city, town, village and suburb has their own parade. Continuing the tradition of my childhood, we made a float (wagon) and the kids partook in the Edmonds 4th of July parade. One word: chaos. (See the stunned faces below). A delightful barbecue followed, complete with aunts, uncles, cousins and two kiddie pools.
  4. Fireworks. I'm just assuming this will be a highlight because, let's face it, it always is. I plan on watching the Kenmore fireworks display (what up Log Boom) from the comfort of my parents' living room. Although, when Freddie and Elsie are old enough to make it past 8pm, we'll almost certainly head to Edmonds for their evening do. Can't beat that pre-fireworks dance party on the dusty park grounds. Hip hip hooray!

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