Friday, 5 December 2014

We got hitched!

After nine years together, William and I got married November 21st at 2:30pm. We were thrilled both our families could make it (despite us giving them six weeks notice!) and a lot of our Edinburgh friends.

A couple highlights from the day -

- Getting my hair done by the fabulous Lesleyanne Kearns.

- My dad (who arrived in Edinburgh two hours before the ceremony) left his glasses in the taxi from the airport so I took him and my mom to a drug store on the Royal Mile on the way to the Registrar to get a pair.

- Then, because we were early (and tired), we stopped at Starbucks to get a coffee before walking the rest of the way up the Mile. Some great comments from the Starbucks baristas!

- Keeley and Freddie walking down the aisle holding hands. Margaret, the only one with her hands free, holding Elsie, a bottle and a burp rag.

- Anna having the rings instead of Stephen (and because Freddie decided last minute to hold Keeley's hand instead of the rings).

- Walking down the aisle with my parents and trying to hold it together.

- Nursing Elsie in the car right outside the Lothian Chambers building.

- Driving to our reception at Hemma with Freddie plugging his ears and yelling 'I don't like loud noise! No like loud noise!" (our exhaust pipe broke that morning)

- Great food and friends. Fun to have all the kiddos!

- Celebrating our 'honeymoon' by my nieces, two of my sisters, myself and Freddie getting the flu. Ha!

Thanks SO much to the talented Raymond Keith for taking our photos.

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