Friday, 1 February 2013

Photo of the week- up EARLY's blurry but you get the point! This was this morning at 545am. Some little maniac decided to wake up bright and early!! I saw him doing a "crawling start" and then launching himself up the end of the crib to try to stand. Eventually I gave up on him going back to sleep and brought him in with us.
A lot of parents can get their kid(s) to sleep in their bed with them. We have not had success with this. And believe me- I am thrilled that Freddie sleeps in his own crib through the night without a peep usually. That being said, on the odd night that he wakes up with pain from his teeth or cause he has a cold, it would be great to have him lay down in between us and go back to sleep. So far when we have tried this he sees it as an opportunity to play and rolls around or climbs on top of us. Another favorite activity lately? Pulling my hair. Youch!

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