Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Jogging without a jogging stroller

I did a crazy thing in June of last year- exactly one month after Freddie was born. I signed up for a half marathon. I was still probably 30-40lbs heavier than my pre-pregnancy self (Freddie was almost 10lbs when he was born so you do the math on how much I gained in total. YIKES). I'm guessing I was feeling fat, out of shape and stir crazy, or a combination of all three.

Fast forward to now and I have 3 and a half months until the Edinburgh Half Marathon on May 26th. Now I've run a few half marathons in my time (and even one full marathon) so I know what I have to do to prepare for it. Doing it, however, is another story. Especially since I have a 9-month old, NO JOGGING STROLLER and it gets dark before 5pm.

I've been trying to do two 30-minute runs with Freddie during the week and then one longer run by myself on Saturday, when William can watch Freddie. I can honestly say that even though I'm up to an hour on my weekend runs, the 30-minute ones during the week are WAY harder. I love our Babystyle Oyster Stroller- it's comfy for Freddie, easy to push around the grocery store and can easily make the trek to the playground or Starbucks (two important destinations for us). But a jogging stroller it is not.

Jogging strollers usually have three real tires, hand brakes and are incredibly lightweight. They also cost hundreds of dollars and pounds. My budget right now for a jogging stroller is £0 ($0 if you were wondering what the conversion was). So, I have been running with Freddie in our non-jogging stroller and making the best of it.

There are definite benefits to running without a jogging stroller though. Here are a few:

1. It's an extra workout- especially when going uphill.

2. People get the H out of my way when they see us coming. I'm talking leaping off the sidewalk and onto the grass to let us go by. Almost as if they're scared we'll run them over.

3. I get looks of incredulity and comments like "Wowwwwwwweeeee isn't that great! Look at him (pointing at Freddie as he's flailing about)!! He LOVES it!!" and (from one older woman) "Well, that's one way to lose the tummy!"

I took that last one as she was impressed I was out there making an effort but I think she actually just thought I was crazy. Am I? Can I really run 13.1 miles again soon? If you have any advice for someone who hasn't run in about a year and a half, please send it my way. 


  1. I am in the same boat - running a 10 mile "race" at the end of the month and have only run 3 times since I had Ollie 6 months ago. YIKES!!!

    1. Come here and we can train together! Is Ollie going to be running/stroller-ing in the race too?

  2. You can do it! Maybe give yourself a little reward at the end of each new "milestone" run during your training sessions. You've inspired me: if you can run with a stroller, I can run with Dessie (she has a mind of her own, especially with squirrels about!)

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