Friday, 30 November 2012

Photo of the Week- toast!

 I, like many moms I'm sure, am simply out of control taking photos of my baby. We have hundreds and hundreds of Freddie since he was born and haven't done a thing with them. Sometime soon I'll get a photo album made from them (first it was going to be a "First 3 Months" book then a "First 6 Months book and now it's looking like it'll be "Freddie's First Year") but for now, I'll look over the dozens I take each week and pick my favorite to post here. This one shows Freddie trying toast for the first time. He loved it!

He gave it his classic skeptical look at first and turned it over a few times in his hands before bringing it up to his mouth. Once he got a taste of it he seemed intrigued and went back for more. I gave it to him in kind of stalks so it would be easy for him to grab (and it was) but this resulted in only about a third of each stalk being consumed. He nibbled off the top but squeezed the middle so hard the bottom half fell off. Out of sight, out of mind was then the case and, although the rest was on his lap, he looked to me for more. ha! Oh well, the important thing is he is learning to feed himself!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Does "baby brain" exist?

I've always thought that the so-called "baby brain" does not exist. It's a myth. How can being pregnant and having a baby make you more forgetful? However, my actions over the course of today and the past few days have me reconsidering. Here's what's happened:

1. When making poached eggs this morning I cracked an egg into the garbage and put the shells in the pan.

2. I made a grocery list for one item (dish soap).

3. I haven't been able to find my keys for 3 days (this is, apparently, CLASSIC baby brain).

4. When doing laundry yesterday I put some dirty clothes in the garbage instead of in the washing machine (sidebar- why do I keep putting everything in the garbage?).

5. I just changed Freddie's diaper twice in ten minutes because I forgot I'd just done it.

HELP! What's the verdict? Baby brain or am I just losing it?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Splish Splash

William, Freddie and I had one of those perfect family days yesterday. We took Freddie to the Commonwealth Pool here in Edinburgh so he could go for a swim. Earlier in the week we bought him a swim outfit (see the pic below!), swim diaper cover and swim diapers. These items, plus his lunch, towel and change of clothes meant we hauled even more stuff with us than usual (a baby swim cap wasn't required). Not to mention the layers of clothes we were all wearing since the temperature here has now dropped considerably.

When we got to the pool, and delayered a bit, we discovered that we weren't the only ones with the great idea to go swimming on a Saturday morning. It was PACKED. We were admiring all the cute kids while we were in line and couldn't wait to get Freddie in the pool. Unfortunately, when we got to the front of the line we were told we'd have to go on the waiting list for the teaching (kiddie) pool. We peered through the glass windows into the pool and, sure enough, it was body to body in the 31 degree (87.8 Fahrenheit!!) teaching pool. A bit deflated, we put our names on the list and sat down to wait....about five minutes. Then we decided enough was enough and we'd just take Freddie in the big pool. Sure, it was a little cooler but he's durable. He can handle it.

We paid (silver lining- I think the adult pool was a little cheaper) and headed to the family changing rooms. What a facility! Tons of big changing rooms, changing tables, warm showers, lockers and bathrooms. They even give you little booties to put over your shoes so there's no trail of mud to walk through. We got changed and hit the pool. Freddie loved splashing the water with his hands and immediately started kicking his legs when we pulled him around. And- it wasn't even that cold! Take that teaching pool....or so we thought. After about fifteen minutes, a lifeguard came over to us and asked us if we wanted to take the "wee one" into the teaching pool. He said the wee ones usually enjoy the warmer water better and it was no problem at all for us to just head in there. What a kind soul, we thought. Deciding we might as well try it, we made our way there.

And it was practically a hot tub! Well, maybe not a hot tub but definitely as warm as a bath. What a fantastic idea it was to make a pool that warm. We had a great time swimming around for another half hour then got out, got changed and went upstairs to have lunch. Freddie sat in a high chair and had tubs of applesauce, sweet potato and butternut squash. Swimming definitely worked up an appetite! He even gnawed on my apple for awhile. All in all, a fabulous day.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Mom, Mum or Ma?

Well, it's official- I am a mom! And have been, for the past 6 and a half months. Wow, how the time flies! I decided to start a blog to chronicle Freddie and my milestones as we learn all the new things associated with being a baby and a mom. Believe me- it's not just the baby who reaches certain milestones- it's the mom too (like when I recently discovered the importance of flushable diaper (nappy) liners for cloth diapers).

The diaper/nappy terminology brings me to the point where I should explain the title of this blog. Mom, Mum or Ma? This is something that has been on my mind since even before Freddie was born. What do I call myself and what will he call me? I am an American living in the UK with an Irish boyfriend. So, do I go for the American "Mom," the British "Mum," or the Irish "Ma?" Too many choices! Freddie will probably make the decision for me (I'll let you know when he does) but, in the meantime, until he learns to speak, what shall I do? Let me know your thoughts.

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