Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Elsie is 2 months old!

Whattttttttt! How can this be? The time is absolutely flying. Elsie has had a pretty great first two months to her life. Right now, she's really into smiling and cooing, as well as the old faves - eating and sleeping. She had her first vaccinations yesterday but did really well - only a little cry, had some milk and was fine.

She is doing great at tummy time and can hold her head up really high now. We've even started to see her lurch from side to side, trying to roll over. Freddie loves doing tummy time with her and shows her all the time how to lift his head and roll over. I'm sure she'll have it down in no time.

She likes her baby gym and chair but more often than not can be found laying on a blanket (or towel, if it's closer) and 'reading' a book.

I have no idea where those month by month stickers are for her onesies but we did a two month old photo shoot today anyway. What a cutie!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Taking Instructions From a 2 Year Old

Freddie's language has really taken off- he's repeating everything we say and even speaking in short sentences. It's hilarious to hear the things he comes up with. Tonight, for example, he went through a whole string of names without taking a breathe (KeeleyFrancieCorinaBobbyNina).

And earlier, we were having a picnic dinner in the meadows and as soon as he was done eating he jumped up and said "See ya" to William, Elsie and I and sauntered off towards the toys.

What's really hilarious though, are the instructions he gives us. It's clear he thinks he's in charge and we're just along for the ride. Here are some examples:

1. Before meals he points to his bib and says "BIB" and points to his neck.

2. Before his nap he says "blue blankie" and "sound machine," again with the point of a finger for where they should go.

3. "Bubbles back garden" is a common after dinner request.

And, my personal favorite:

4. When he's done going number 2 he says "Wipe, Mama. Wipe bottom, Mama." No prob Fred- that's what I'm here for.

At the beach last week, enjoying a blueberry ice cream cone.

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