Thursday, 28 February 2013

Photo of the week- sleepin' in my arms

The photo of the week comes early this week! Freddie had somewhat of a rough day yesterday. He woke up at 540am (yikes!), woke up crying from both his naps and spent the afternoon crying every time he bit down on something. Poor guy. The culprit? A new tooth. It has to be. 

We snuggled and danced around the house to distract him but by late in the afternoon it was apparent he needed something else. I gave him some ibuprofen, which usually seems to do the trick, but after another hour he was still mad. I thought dinner might be another good distraction but it was the opposite. He didn't eat much of the delicious potato, chicken, broccoli and milk mixture at all and, only after awhile, slurped down a decent amount of cold applesauce.

When it came time to go to bed later, I gave him milk, as usual, and William came in to read him "Goodnight Moon" and sing him a song (Let's not even mention the name of the song because we are all sick of it!). Freddie normally loves the book and song but was upset the whole way through both and when William put him in his crib he really let us have it. 

William left the room but I could see Freddie on the monitor immediately roll over onto his tummy and sprint (crawl-sprint) to the end of the crib closest to the door. This is where he stands every morning and after naps to wait for us. He was bawling and calling "mama" - so heartbreaking. I went in and sang him the song again (really need to pick a new song!) and put him back in. He had almost been asleep in my arms so I figured he would just roll over and go to sleep but instead, he did the same crawl-sprint-cry to the end of the crib and stood up to call us. :(

Picture the same scenario on repeat two more times with a sleepier Freddie in my arms each time. Finally, I just decided to hum the song (couldn't bear to actually sing it again) with him in my arms. He was asleep within a minute. I forgot what that felt like! I think it'd been 6 months since he fell asleep on me before bed and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. He was so snuggly and cozy and I loved it every second of it. So much that I had William come in and do a photo shoot with us. :)

When I put Freddie in the crib a few minutes later he opened eyes, looked at us, rolled over and went to sleep. And even though we were expecting him to wake up through the night, he slept the next 11 hours as normal and woke up happy as a clam.


  1. Such a sweet photo! Poor Freddie, new teeth are the worst! Glad he got his 11 hours in (and you got some sleep too)!!

  2. Char! That story is PRECIOUS. I'm weeping.



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