Monday, 25 February 2013

Who's that LADY?

Well, there's no going back. I'm officially old...or am I? I need your help with this one. Let me set the scene for you. A couple days ago, Freddie and I were at the playground. It's a dinky little playground with a few swings, a rusted merry-go-round (apparently called a "roundabout" here), a small jungle gym with a slide and one big metal thing that, as far as we can tell, has no purpose.

It's in between the beauty that is Arthur's Seat and some dodgy-looking high-rise flats. There's even a little bit of graffiti on some of the toys. Not the nicest or most modern playground, but it has some baby swings and it's within walking distance of our place so we go there a few times a week.

Ninety percent of the time, we are the only ones there (see above description). This is great in some ways- Freddie doesn't have to wait to use any of the toys and we can be as crazy and loud as we want without driving anyone nuts. However, with just the two of us, the playground sometimes seems even sadder. So, when we got there last Thursday we were thrilled to see not just one but TWO other families there. The sun was popping out from behind some clouds and it was above freezing so basically the nicest day we've had so far this year.

I put Freddie in one of the swings and started chatting to another mom who was there pushing her 1ish-year-old boy. They were French and, although her English wasn't the best, she was very friendly and even offered me one of her freshly-baked mini breads. Yum! (And very impressive that she made them herself. I, on the other hand, had just scarfed a Nutri-Grain bar on the walk there. Lame.)

The other family was a mom with her 3ish-year-old girl and 1-year-old boy. The girl was running around like crazy, repeatedly climbing up the jungle gym. She was really cute and kept waving at us from the top before she went down the slide. The boy was getting antsy in his stroller so the mom brought him over and put him on the third baby swing, in between the French boy and Freddie. Freddie didn't know what to do he was so excited- three out of three swings occupied! So much to look at at! So many people to smile and laugh and babble to. What a day!

I said hi to the little boy and his mom and got a nod in return (from the mom- the boy was staring at Freddie). The French mom (maman, right?) offered them some of her little rolls. We both attempted to get the conversation going with the other mom but she wasn't really into it. One word answers and not much else. She seemed tired/maybe having a hard day.

We stayed about ten more minutes on the swing, then hit up the slide and merry-go-round. I started getting Freddie back in the stroller and noticed the mom of the two wee ones was doing the same. By this point, her boy was getting pretty cranky. He hadn't been a huge fan of the swing and was putting up a little bit of a fight going back in his stroller ("buggy"). I got Freddie harnessed in and we headed for the exit.

When I got to the gate, I noticed the others weren't too far behind me so I slowed down and held the gate open for them. I smiled at the frazzled mom (the "I feel ya- kids can be tiring" smile) as she was walking towards me but again, got nothing back. I felt bad for her and thought she really must be having a rotten day. I pushed Freddie halfway out the gate with one arm and continued holding the gate with the other. The little girl got to the gate first and her mom said "Now say thank you to the lady." THE LADY.

My heard skipped a beat. I was so shocked I almost didn't know what to do. Am I a hundred years old? Was I not wearing my skinny jeans  and black eye liner (on the top lids only- thanks for the tip Madge)? I mean come on. No one (except maybe the "ladies" of The Bachelor) wants to prematurely be called a lady. Only thing I can think of that's worse is ma'am. Ugh. And I'm still a few weeks away from being 30! How could she!?

Anyway, she was having a hard day and it is in my nature to forgive so if we see them again I will be nice but I don't think I will ever forget. When I got home I did the obvious thing to cheer myself up and I listened to this catchy tune and danced around the living room with Freddie. Maybe I should have listened to this Britney Spears classic as well (HA).


  1. Next time tell her to get the stick out of her arse and join the conversation, haha. Freddie on the merry-go-round is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

    1. Ha I know! It was probably a comment stemming from respect but it immediately made me feel ancient. Guess I'm a real adult now!

  2. High school basketball coaches always refer to the girls on the team as 'ladies' - just something I've noticed. The word makes me cringe, but I don't think it necessarily means you're old. Don't worry, as William always says - you're much more likely to be mistaken for a teen mom than for an old 'lady'!

    1. That's true about the basketball coaches. I don't think there's a good in-between word for females who aren't in the "girl" category anymore but aren't old enough to really be a "lady." I'd settle for being mistaken as a teen mom though! ha


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