Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dry shampoo is a Mom's best friend

Dry shampoo has saved me in many occasions. What a fantastic product! (And no, I didn't get paid to write that.) I had never heard of dry shampoo before I moved to the UK but I'm sure we must have it at home. This is the sort of high quality item every country must have. Right?

Well, for those of you who were, like me, ignorant to this wondrous product, it is basically exactly what it sounds like. It is a spray-on powder that absorbs the grease in your hair and leaves your hair looking fresh and washed. It's somewhat similar to baby powder, which I've definitely seen being used for the same reason, but it sprays out of a container like hair spray. It doesn't look as good as if you were to actually wash it but it's a close second.

When I'm too busy or too lazy to wash my hair I spray a little onto the roots and rub it in. It's a quick solution to the days when your baby doesn't do his usual long nap in the morning or you're up early to catch a flight. It's also good entertainment. Freddie loves the sound it makes when it's spraying and he loves rolling and patting the container on the floor (lid on). A word of warning though- don't overdo it or you won't be able to rub it all in and your hair will look white. Not a good look.

I won't subject you to a picture of my hair before and after dry shampoo (you're welcome) but I will leave you with a pic of Freddie this morning. We were wrapping a present for his friend's 1st birthday party later today (and for those of you who will be there- don't worry- as soon as he falls asleep I am hopping in the shower to for-real wash my hair). He loved playing with the wrapping paper- especially ripping a big piece into smaller and smaller bits. And (this is big) he even seemed to understand me when I told him it wasn't for eating. He's growing up so fast! ha


  1. I love dry shampoo, its a god send!

  2. I love it too! I even use it on freshly washed hair for some added volume, and then it looks better the next day!

  3. You're right Erica- it really does give you some extra volume. So great! Obviously we have it at home but I never discovered it until I came here. Oh what I was missing! :)

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