Thursday, 14 February 2013

Photo of the week- my good little napper!

Earlier this week we had the windows guys back again to fit the windows. If you read my previous post (big time rant) then you know I had strong feelings towards them for accepting my only-being-polite offer for tea when I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off while also having a sad, clingy Freddie attached to me.

Well- and here's where the guilt sets in- I found out when they came this week (to actually do the windows) that they had a 2 hour drive to get to us (they arrived at 8:25am). They then worked all day with no breaks (not even a lunch!) in the freezing weather. It was even snowing when they were here yesterday. I feel like such a beast for my rant! Who am I to think that I'm the only one who is tired and has a million things going on. There's no denying it- I was an absolute beast. I tried to make up for it by bringing them multiple cups of tea and biscuits throughout the days so I'm hoping that kept them warm and me from feeling any guiltier. That being said, they did a fantastic job on the windows! They look so nice and new and somehow make our flat seem bigger. So great.

So, the photo of the week this week could be of the new windows...but that's boring! Instead I give you a picture of our little Freddie snoozin'. Because the windows in our bedroom were done on Tuesday morning (see I am trying to tie it all together), I was able to put Freddie down for his afternoon nap in our room instead of having to get out of the house and try to get him to sleep in the stroller or ergo (so tedious and did I mention it was freezing/snowing?).

So, I dragged his crib and sound machine into our room and got him in his PJ's. Then I realized our nice, new windows were letting in way too much light. Now, this is usually seen as a good thing and I am very appreciative of the fact that our flat is bright and airy but when it's nap time I'd rather it be dark and dungeon-like. Freddie has always slept better when his room is dark, which is why we've been known to tape black garbage (bin) bags to the windows. Hey, whatever works, right? I didn't have black bags, a ladder or the time to do this so I just figured he'll go to sleep eventually. And....he did!

In the broad daylight, with people sawing and hammering and smashing glass, he just dozed off. I went in a few times to sing him a song (Mary had a little lamb OF COURSE), remind him it was nap time and crank up the ocean waves but it didn't take him too long to understand and fall asleep. This might sound strange but I was so proud of him! With all that noise and daylight- it definitely would have been tough for me to fall asleep. He looked so cute I couldn't resist sneaking in and taking a few pics of the little guy. Here's my fave.


  1. He's the CUTEST! I can't really sleep when it's light out either - but if you're tired enough, it works. Good job Freddi!

  2. That pic is CLASSIC!!! Ha!!


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