Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saved by the...

There's no other way to put it - Freddie and I had a wretched morning. Well, make that night and morning. I was up 3 times in the night, once from 3-415ish (couldn't get back to sleep for some reason!) and then he woke up at 5.

He's been doing this a lot lately, although usually it's more like 530 (but STILL), and we usually just try to get him back to sleep (doesn't work)/ignore him until 630. Supposedly if you do this enough (thank you online parent forums), they will remember to sleep in until that time and go back to doing it. We'll see.

So, I listened to him cry on and off (William's in Newcastle this weekend, living it up) for an hour and a half. Not a pleasant experience. Then, by 8am he was ready for a nap. The extreme tiredness was obvious, as he was throwing things and trying to hit me (both phases I thought we'd gotten past!) so by shortly after 830 he was back in bed.

Normally he goes down fine for naps, especially on early mornings, but no no, not today! He totally fought it and, after listening to him cry on and off for ANOTHER hour or so, I gave in, went in and sang him another round of the song (you all know it by now) and he laid down and went straight to sleep. His current obsession with me and needing repeated "goodnights" before bed are the subject of a whole other post.

Not wanting to throw off our whole day's schedule, I woke him up 20 minutes later (it was almost 1030!). Arrrrg. I quickly reworked our plans for the day (Meadows playground, Starbucks, Lunch out) and decided we'd head to the park to play football and try to spot some squirrels. Yes, that's right, I was too tired to even get myself to Starbucks.

And this is where it gets good. As we were both sleep walking through the park, we heard the roar of an emergency vehicle. Was it an ambulance? A police car? No, it was a fire engine. The best one! It was as if Freddie's books, puzzles and stickers all came to life. The fire engine zoomed into the park and over to the Education Centre. The firemen waved at Freddie and he waved back. He was in awe.

The truck parked, reversed, and headed back out. We figured it was a false alarm but then, 5 minutes later, it came roaring back. We were definitely awake at this point, and Freddie waved excitedly at the truck as it parked right in front of us. The firemen waved back and we watched them do the same routine again. Park, reverse, and squeal away.

Talk about an exciting turn of events! Usually the best we get out there (besides when the royal helicopter is in town) are some over-excited dogs and puddles to stomp in. We ended up having a great morning watching the truck come and go, both our moods considerably improved.

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