Monday, 17 August 2015

Camping with toddlers

Corina, Freddie, Ollie & Keeley - the 4 'big kids'
Some of my best vacay memories as a kid are from going camping. Good old-fashioned pitching a tent and cooking meals over the fire (and by fire I mean camping stove). We've gone camping twice this summer so far and it's been awesome! Not a ton of sleep but LOTS of laughs.

We've gotten over bathroom fears (of the automatic toilet flush - NOT going in the woods), tent tears (picture a double air mattress with Freddie squeezed between William and I) and the youngest two straight up eating dirt.

Here are some pics from our trip last weekend to Lake Easton, just over an hour from Seattle.

Couldn't believe her good luck!
Washing dishes at the spigot!

Tent time!
Elsie learns to climb...everything!
Smiley GG.
Fire ban means roasting mallows on the stove!
Cookin' up some breakfast.
Booster seat = only thing making Elsie sit still. 

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