Friday, 28 March 2014

There's a new doc in town

Freddie and I had a great morning driving (yahooooo!) to story time at the library and back. It didn't even deter us when we had to park about a mile away. Still worth it!

Of course the box was a major hit, too!
We got back around noon and had only been in the door a few minutes when there was a knock. Freddie was sans trousers (and undies) - for the sake of toilet training purposes - but we rushed to open it anyway.

As usual, it was the postman. It's rarely anyone else during the day and even though we probably get packages weekly (love me some Amazon), it's still very exciting. He shoved a MASSIVE box into the flat while I signed for it and Freddie was instantly begging me to open it.

My bagel was in the toaster and his lunch was half made but how soon they were forgotten. We opened the box and, to our delight, found two costumes in it for Freddie.

One was a construction worker's outfit, complete with a hat, goggles, fluorescent vest, hammer and saw, and the other was a doctor's coat, stethoscope, surgical mask and that thing that doctors hit against your knee (anyone know what the heck those are called?). 

I had to tear Freddie away from them twenty minutes later so he could eat lunch (probably the fastest consumed sandwich in history) but managed to snap a few pics first. The great thing about a construction worker and doctor is they can apparently share gear. I guess you never know when a surgeon might need a hard hat!



  1. Cute! He should definitely wear it to the hospital when he goes to visit the new baby.


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