Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Look out Brits- there's a new driver in town!

Yes - it's true! I passed my UK driving test. HALLELUJAH. After failing my first attempt for going too slow (I know I know - I'm such a Mom!), I passed today on my second try. And though I'm drenched in sweat, it was all worth it.

Freddie and William hung out at the test center while I took the test and, even though Freddie can only string two or three words together at the moment, he more than understood it was good news when I got back. The whole way home he kept yelling "YAYYY MAMA YAYYY MAMA!" Great to have that kind of support!

Obligatory cute Freddie pic


  1. Hey Charlene and Freddie

    Just checking out your blog. Congrats on passing the test! Being able to drive around when you have 2 wee ones and somewhere to be will be great. Hope you and bump are well.

    Nicola and Jerry xxx

    1. Thanks Nicola! It has already been soooooo great being able to drive. Especially since I'm now huge and pushing Freddie in the stroller has gotten tough! Hope to see you and Jerry soon!!!!


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