Sunday, 30 March 2014

An Expert Cleaner in the Making

First off- Happy Mother's Day to all you UK and Irish Moms, Mums and Mas. For some reason, this holiday is celebrated on a different day (sometime in May) in the US so lucky me, I get to celebrate two. Hey- you would too if you could! My mom treated me to an AMAZING massage at KnotStressed yesterday and this morning Freddie woke me up with a lovely bouquet of flowers and a homemade card. The best!

We had a busy day yesterday when we realized the new baby's due date is 3 weeks from Monday. YIKES! How did this happen???? So, the three of us spent the afternoon "nesting" (aka guilt-led dusting of the entire house for fear of the new baby hacking on a dustball). We also washed the windows which, literally, brightened our day. They've never looked better!

Freddie was a BIG help. He was very interested in the squeegee and handed it to William and I when we needed it. He also spent a longgggg time (45 minutes!) wiping down his own kitchen. Thanks for the help Fred!

That's right - he just doesn't wear bottoms anymore.

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