Thursday, 3 April 2014


It's every mother's dream - Freddie has friends!! It's been so fun to watch Freddie transition from not realizing others are in the room to actually interacting with other kids. When we see kids at the playground, in the park, at the library and at the swimming pool he says "Kidddddssssssss!" and waves/says hi and bye (whether they take notice or not).

I've probably mentioned this before but when I was pregnant with Freddie I did a yoga class where I was lucky enough to meet a great group of future moms. We've all stayed in touch and get together whenever we can - sometimes once a week if people have days off work and sometimes for a bigger gathering on the weekend. From this, Freddie has been able to consistently hang out with the same kids. He knows their names, is excited when they come over, loves when we go to their houses and talks about them after we've come back home. 

Yikes! Who cut that guy's hair!

Another place he's been able to make some friends is at Dad's Rock, the playgroup he goes to every Saturday with William. There are no mums allowed at this exclusive dads group so I don't always get the full details of what sort of chaos they all get up to, but I know Freddie loves it and now sings "We Will Rock You" when he comes home. Dad's Rock has stepped it up recently, too, with a few outings around the city. First, they went to the mammoth exhibit at the National Museum Scotland and, another Saturday, to the National Galleries.

Freddie's friend Madison (daughter of one of the yoga mums) goes to Dad's Rock, too, and the two of them have become buddies. At the museum, they checked out the mammoths, colored some fossils and 'dug for' dinosaur bones. Maddie's mom and I met them at the museum after their fun day out and it was clear they all had a blast.

We have a couple birthday parties for these kiddos coming up (can't believe they are all turning 2!!) and it's so cool to see Freddie making some great, possibly lifelong, friends. Even if they are all girls! Ha!

 Museum photos by Raymond Keith!

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