Monday, 3 December 2012

Do your ears hang low

Songs geared towards kids are typically upbeat, catchy and REPETITIVE. I never fully realized this until I had Freddie. When William and I were deciding what to do for a bedtime routine for him we started singing "Mary had a little lamb"  because it was the only song we could (collectively) remember the words to. This was when he was 2 weeks old. Fast forward over 6 months to the present day and we have now sung "Mary had a little lamb" hundreds and hundreds of times. Possibly even a thousand. Will we ever change it? NO, because we are in fear that if we change the song he won't go to bed. Irrational but still, we won't risk it. Sometimes William sings "Twinkle twinkle" just to mix things up and, I have to admit, every time he does it my heart skips a beat.  

Songs aren't just useful at bedtime. I sing Freddie songs when I change his diaper, put him down for a nap and any other time during the day when I am trying to distract him or put something off (nap, meal, milk etc.). The other day he took a short afternoon nap and, as a result, was somewhat cranky in the evening. I sang "Row row row your boat," "You are my sunshine," "Mr Sun Sun," "This little light of mine," "I see the moon," "Baa baa black sheep," and then- when I was pretty much at the end of my repertoire I suddenly, out of the blue, came out with "Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro, can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow, can you throw 'em over your shoulder like a continental soldier, do your ears hanggggggggggg low."

I don't think I've sung that song in years and have no idea how it came to me but I'm sure thankful it did. It was a HUGE hit. If anyone has any other kids songs I can add to my bank please let me know. Or if anyone knows the rest of the words to "Do your ears hang low?" Or is that it? 


  1. Ollie loves baby Beluga, or any song where I put his name in the lyrics (he already loves himself =)

  2. Great idea- I love Baby Beluga! Has Ollie started singing along?

  3. Skinamarinky-dinky-dink! (or however you spell that) of my all time favs!

    1. Great idea Jodz. Just did a round and it was a hit!


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