Friday, 21 December 2012

A Parent Bib/"Good job Freddie"

Do bibs for parents exist? I need one. Preferably one with the arms covered too. Freddie eating a meal results in not just him but me getting covered in food as well. The midwife encouraged us to do lots of finger foods with Freddie because he will get used to feeding himself faster. So, for the last 6 weeks we have been doing a combination of finger food and mashed food. Yes, there are only two food groups now- finger and mashed.

However, he is still working on his fine motor skills so instead of bringing the food to his mouth it often ends up on his lap, on the wall, on the floor or on me. The best is when I pick him up after he is done and there is an over-cooked carrot stick stuck to his bottom. If I don't notice it quick enough then it becomes stuck to my side when I carry him to the kitchen to wash his hands. I also usually end up with a crusty collection of sweet potato, pear, squash and parsnip on my shoulder- it's like a new accessory!

Here's a clip of Freddie eating a rice cake, which brings me to my next topic of discussion- congratulating babies.

I just realized that we (parents and also pretty much anyone who encounters a baby) like to congratulate them on everything that they do. And I mean everything. The first couple weeks after he was born, we would congratulate Freddie on pooping. And burping. Now, as you can hear on the video, I even congratulate him on eating a rice cake. Am I overdoing it? Or is eating a rice cake with only two teeth worthy of a congrats?


  1. Yeah... I'm pretty sure he's brilliant and gifted. Just like Gwyneth. ;-)


  2. It says the video is set to private! Change the settings so I can watch it!


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