Friday, 30 November 2012

Photo of the Week- toast!

 I, like many moms I'm sure, am simply out of control taking photos of my baby. We have hundreds and hundreds of Freddie since he was born and haven't done a thing with them. Sometime soon I'll get a photo album made from them (first it was going to be a "First 3 Months" book then a "First 6 Months book and now it's looking like it'll be "Freddie's First Year") but for now, I'll look over the dozens I take each week and pick my favorite to post here. This one shows Freddie trying toast for the first time. He loved it!

He gave it his classic skeptical look at first and turned it over a few times in his hands before bringing it up to his mouth. Once he got a taste of it he seemed intrigued and went back for more. I gave it to him in kind of stalks so it would be easy for him to grab (and it was) but this resulted in only about a third of each stalk being consumed. He nibbled off the top but squeezed the middle so hard the bottom half fell off. Out of sight, out of mind was then the case and, although the rest was on his lap, he looked to me for more. ha! Oh well, the important thing is he is learning to feed himself!


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