Monday, 10 December 2012

Meeting Santa

Freddie met Santa for the first time EVER on Saturday. We planned to go to the Gorgie City Farm as the big man was going to be there from 12-3pm. In what can only be explained as a total overreaction, I insisted we leave the house IMMEDIATELY after Freddie's morning nap so we could be first in line to see Santa at noon. Freddie normally eats lunch around 11:45am and naps in the afternoon around 1pm so I thought if we saw Santa right at noon we could give Freddie lunch there and then be home by 1pm for the nap. What an organized mom, huh?!

So, when Freddie woke up from his morning nap at 10:45am, I herded the troops (Auntie Madge decided to come along as well) out the door a short while later. I had the lunch prepacked and a diaper bag full of diapers, wipes, bibs, extra clothes and a few toys. It must be my American roots but I thought we'd be standing in line to see Santa for at least an hour. I mean, that's what happens there, right? Santa is a popular guy!

We got to the farm at about 11:40am and I was sweating it. I thought we were way too late to catch Santa at noon as we'd surely have to wait in line for awhile. Then lunch would be thrown off and then the afternoon nap would be thrown off and before I knew it, bedtime was going to be thrown off because we'd have to put a tired Freddie to bed earlier than usual. We wandered around the (tiny) farm- past the chickens, a duck and a yellow sheep (seriously- it was mustard yellow). We saw a little blackboard sign telling us Santa was going to be at the cafe.

As we pulled open the door of the cafe, I had to laugh. There were about 6 or 7 tables, most of which sat only two. A counter stood at one end of the rectangular-shaped cafe and at the other, a sign that read "Santa's Grotto £3" hung over a chair and a small basket of wrapped presents. An older man got up from his seat at one of the tables that sat four and kindly offered to move to a smaller table so we could have his. We got tea and scones from the nice yet no-nonsense girl at the counter and started Freddie on his lunch. There were about 3 or 4 other groups there with a kid or two but that was it. No line. No waiting for an hour.

Mr. Claus waltzed through the cafe door at about five past twelve (fashionably late) and a couple families clapped. One girl, who was probably about 4, shouted "He's here! He's here!!" Santa and his elf headed for the grotto and one by one, over the course of about 15 minutes, everyone went and saw Santa. Literally- it only took fifteen minutes for EVERYONE to see him, take a picture and get a present. Here's a couple pics of Freddie with Santa. He was very intrigued by him and, in particular, his beard.

So, that was it! We had a great time and were outta there by 12:30, home by 1 and the lunch and the nap and the day and everything was perfect! Is this the way seeing Santa normally goes in the UK or did we just get lucky? A lot of people wait in line for awhile in the USA, right? Or have I been gone so long my memory has added 30 to 45 minutes?


  1. It was certainly the most low-key Santa visit I've ever experience! Love the blog!


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