Wednesday, 1 May 2013

World's most terrifying toy... the Jack-in-the-Box!! There's no getting around the fact that this so-called toy is enough to give you nightmares. It is truly terrifying.

I had the great idea of getting one for Freddie for Christmas. I'd been struck by a sudden disgust at these modern-day toys which are all about teaching you colors or how to count to ten. I'd heard them say "1-2-3 count with me!" in that chirpy voice one too many times.

Instead, I thought, why not get Freddie a good, old-fashioned, simple toy. One of the classics. Without thinking about it too much, I quickly came up with the Jack-in-the-Box. It doesn't try to blatantly teach you something and it's pretty cool that you crank a metal handle and a clown jumps out of the top. Right?

Wronggggggggg. It is SO scary. As soon as Freddie hears the start of the song he pushes it away and leaps into my arms. He can't get away from it fast enough. I have to admit, it's kind of nice to have him initiate the snuggle but sad that it is out of pure fear.

Anyone else out there have a Jack-in-the-Box? Will Freddie like it eventually? Or should I bite the bullet and give it away?

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