Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Freddie is 1 year old!!

Aunt Margaret making Freddie's carrot cake.
Our little Freddie turned 1 on Sunday. It's STILL hard to believe that a year ago we were in the hospital waiting and waiting and thinking that baby would never get out of me! Well, thankfully, after two days in labor, he turned up at 10:34pm on a Saturday night, screaming his head off. He was just too comfortable in there and didn't want to come out.

Freddie's favorite food- blueberries- on top.
And at 9 lbs, 13 and a half ounces, we are thankful he didn't stay in there much longer. He was a little overcooked, with wrinkly fingers and long nails, but he was sturdy and smart and got the hang of nursing very quickly. He was "one of those really hungry babies" as the midwives put it- translation: he wanted milk every hour. But finally, after five sleepless nights in the hospital, we were able to go home.

Freddie with his "I am 1" button.
I'll never forget the drive home- it was an absolute monsoon outside. My paranoia set in and I ordered (I mean, asked politely) William to drive really slow just in case. He did, of course, and with the combination of people passing us and Freddie crying the whole way, it felt much longer then the 20 minutes it actually took us. We were so flustered when we got home that we couldn't figure out how to unclick the carseat from the base (it's SO easy) so I carried Freddie and William held his coat over us.

William lighting the candles.
It's so funny to think back on those first few weeks, when showering and getting out of the house is SUCH an achievement. We've just had the best year with Freddie with so many fun adventures. He's been to Ireland three times, Seattle twice and is off to the Open Golf and Hampton-in-Arden later this summer. He's been on the move in some way or other since he was 7 months old and is now trying to transition that to walking. It's so fun to see him work up the courage to stop holding on to our hands or the couch or chair.  
Blowing out the candles! Freddie went straight for the blueberries.

He's getting better at using a spoon now too and is so proud of himself when he can do it. I think he's showing a little more interest in playing with the football too. He's so much like his dad it's uncanny. You can really see it when he is focusing hard on something- picking up a piece of grass or trying to turn on his piano. I could go on and on, but I'll cut myself off there. 
Chowing down on some cake.
Family photo. Happy Birthday little guy!

We had a great party on Sunday with some of our family and friends. Big thanks to the Irish crew for coming over to celebrate!! Freddie had a blast playing with everyone and his new toys and, of course, eating his first piece of birthday cake. 


  1. It was such a fun party! Can't believe how much and how quickly Freddie has grown from a baby to a kid!

    Great pics - especially the one of me and the ones that I took! haha

  2. Happy birthday to your adorable little guy! Crazy how quickly the time goes, huh?


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