Friday, 17 May 2013

Freddie texts...

When you have a baby, everyone tells you it becomes all about them and you really have to make time for your boyfriend/partner/husband etc. or else your relationship will suffer. And... it's true! You can easily get so caught up in your child/ren that you forget about the other adult in the mix. Thanks to Freddie's aunt Margaret and "uncle" Anthony for babysitting recently so we could go out to dinner and a show!

That being said, William and I are just obsessed with Freddie. I already knew this to be true but it hit me once again when I was scrolling through the texts between William and myself the past few days. In between the photos of Freddie eating lunch, playing with his new shoes or picking a flower in the park are these gems:

William to me, May 12th 3:19pm. "I think he is over the swings. :("
Me to William, May 12th  3:22pm. "He totally is. Wants to move! Watch out for glass and rocks there. The grass is gross too- better over in Holyrood park."

William to me, May 12th 3:58pm. "I can't bring myself to put him in the stroller and head home. He just loves walking around by himself."
Me to William, May 12th 4:00pm. "Just be careful of him eating rocks and glass!"

Me to William, May 16th, 8:40am. "He won't go to sleep! Really frustrated by something. :("
William to me, May 16th 9am: "Nurse him."

Me to William, May 17th 9:40am. "Did Freddie happen to pee in my slipper this morning?"
William to me, May 17th 9:46am: "Not that I was aware of anyway..."

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  1. Those texts are great, haha. You should write them down so you'll remember- pee in your slipper!!!


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