Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New pair of shoes!

Freddie got his first legit pair of shoes today! He's been sporting some soft, somewhat flimsy flippers that I bought online for awhile but they are still too big for him and are not even close to being waterproof. As soon as he takes one step on the wet grass they are soaked through. So, today we trekked to Clarks on Princes Street and got him his first real pair.

I also must say the sales assistant at Clark's was great. She didn't bat an eye when Freddie freaked out getting his feet measured (must happen a lot? anyone else?) and gave him a "My first shoes" certificate to take home. It even included a polaroid she took of him with his shoes!

Freddie's aunt Margaret came along for the big event and got some great snaps of Freddie checking out all his shoe options, getting his feet measured (they are size 4G) and trying out his new kicks in the park.

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