Friday, 26 April 2013

You are what you eat

Ok...the title of this post is a little misleading. It's a great phrase though and yes, we should all eat healthy blah blah. But I'm not here to give you a healthy version of mac and cheese or tell you to substitute applesauce for oil.

All the essentials
Instead, I'm going to tell you to get a mini white board for your fridge!! It is the best invention. I spend a lot of time in our little kitchen. Once one meal is done, it's time to clean up and wash the dishes and before ya know it, it's time to start cooking the next meal. It never ends!

A wise mother (mine) told me what she used to say when people asked her what she did all day (besides be a mom to 5 kids). Her response: "Breakfast, lunch and dinner." And it's true! I only have one kid and I feel the same way.

Enter... mini-white board for the fridge. It's small, magnetic, and comes with a pen and eraser, both of which are also magnetic. Genius! I definitely fall into the category of people who make more lists instead of actually doing things, but this white board has helped me actually get things done.

So much easier than typing it in as a "memo" on my phone!
While I'm cooking or washing dishes, I'll think of something I need to do or get at the store and I'll quickly jot it down on the board. Then, I'll take a pic of it on my phone and just look at it while I'm cruising the aisles at Sainsbury or sitting in the recliner (heaven) in the living room and doing an online order. No need to tire out my thumbs by attempting to actually type the list out on my phone when you can just as easily take a quick pic.

Now, I am aware that white boards were all the rage in the late 1990s and early 2000s and I am, as with many things, late to the game. The '90s called and they want their white board back blah blah blah. But seriously- if you want to stay organized or just play hangman- order one! They are lots of fun.

I put the link of the one I got from Amazon to the right. If you order it through my blog Amazon UK will give me a few cents (pence actually) so do it! Coming soon- an Amazon US search box for you Americans to order things (once I figure out how to do it).
Freddie helping me put away our grocery delivery.

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  1. MLM!

    Getting the US code for Amazon is pretty easy. Just sign up for the US version of Amazon associates and then copy/paste their code in. Good luck!


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