Sunday, 11 January 2015

We know that one!

Huddling together for warmth
Freddie has been really into music lately. He always sings himself a few songs before he falls asleep at night, sometimes adjusting the lyrics to fit the day/his mood ('Twinkle twinkle little pizza'). And one of our favorite activities is an after-dinner dance party — we blast 'Skip to My Loo' and take off down the hall or get every stuffed animal down from the shelves and throw them in the air (watch out Elsie!) while singing along to Raffi's version of 'Pick a Bale O'Cotton.'

Speaking of perhaps the biggest musical influence of my childhood other than my dad, we recently received some fantastic Raffi CDs from my parents. Some kids songs can really grate on your nerves, with the overly enthusiastic vocals and extremely peppy music, but Raffi is actually quite enjoyable to listen to. 

A lot of the songs on the CDs were new to us, but every time one was played that Freddie knew (either because we have it on another CD or I sing it around the house), he shouted "We know that one!!!!" very excitedly. It's like he's so into his own world that he can't believe that other people (my parents) know the same songs we do. 

'Baby Beluga' came on. "We know that one!" Then 'Apples and Bananas' and 'Down on Grandpa's Farm.' "WE KNOW THAT ONE!!!" "WE KNOW THAT ONE!!!" It was really cute to see him so excited.

Then, yesterday when we were out in the FREEZING cold (I cannot stress enough how cold it was) watching William run the Edinburgh Great Winter Run, he waddled (in a pair of sweats, sweater, snowsuit, jacket over the snowsuit, hat, wellies, etc.) through the snow and hail with me and Elsie over to watch the runners get warmed up to go. As usual, they had a very fit individual leading the shivering public in some pre-run exercises to some very loud, high-energy music. 

With the song blasting in our ears, Freddie in his semi-frozen state looked up at me with a huge smile on his face and said "Mama - We know that one!!!" It was Taylor Swift's "Shake it Out." 

Right before it started snowing
Wishing I'd brought my hat.

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