Monday, 26 January 2015

Happy 9 months, Elsie!

Elsie is 9 months old! Woahhhhhhhhh. How did that happen? If my math is correct, that means she'll be a year old in just 3 more months. She's a busy gal these days — crawling, 'speaking' (gagagaga, dadadada), pulling herself up, standing and snuggling. She loves playing with the train set with her older bro, splashing in the bath (and during swimming lessons), reading Goodnight Moon, standing up by the toy kitchen, trying to get her hands on Freddie's Big Bird and Baby Kearns, crawling away as fast as she can when it's time to change her diaper and eating rice cakes. What a gal! Boy do we love her. Happy 9 months Els!
Can't believe Mama found the sticker!
Go Hawks! Excited for the big game Sunday.


  1. Elsie is such a happy, smiley baby! I love how, although she enjoys the independence that crawling gives her, she'll still go in for a cuddle when she feels like it. What a darling gal! Happy Birthday!


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