Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Review- "Baby Loves Disco" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Dancing shoes are on.
William, Freddie and I went to the "Baby Loves Disco" show (more like party) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last Saturday and it was a hoot and a half. I didn't realize the venue was going to be an actual Edinburgh nightclub (shows how much I'm out clubbing these days)- we even got our hands stamped going in. :)

Craft time! My camp counselor skills coming back.

The whole thing was very well organized- there was a DJ spinning tracks, tons of balloons and scarves and shakers to dance with, healthy snacks and several other activity rooms in case the little guys and gals (and parents) needed to rest. One room had face-painting, one had crafts and another had costumes the kids could dress up in.

Trying to hold as many balloons as possible.
 It was 2 hours long- which is great bang for your buck- but Freddie got tired so we just stayed for the first hour. Hopefully next year he'll be able to hang in there for the full par-tay. I think it's a perfect Fringe activity for any kid that loves to dance so, Moms and Dads- get your dancing shoes on and go!

 Freddie shows off his crazy dance skills in the video above. Check it out!


  1. I can't see the video! Is it me?

    1. Oh no! It's the last box on the post. It's showing up for me here. Refresh or something and let me know if it works then!


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