Friday, 2 August 2013

Our first family road trip!

Last weekend, William, Freddie and I joined my sister Margaret and her bf Andy on a road trip down to England. We went to Hampton-in-Arden- Andy's hometown and a cute little village by Birmingham.

H-in-A is about 300 miles from Edinburgh so we had a lot of fun on the drive- we sang songs ("Backwards Land" - amazing video alert!), ate lunch and gave Freddie lots of fun items that are usually restricted (namely our phones, wallets and sunglasses). We also listened to the sound machine (crashing waves) when Freddie needed to take a snooze. Yawnnnnnnn. It was a tricky business trying to get Freddie to fall asleep while also trying to get William (our driver) to stay awake!

We had a wonderful time staying with Andy's mom (the original owner of our tomato plant!) and meeting other members of his fam. We also managed to take in a cricket game on Sunday (congrats to The While Lions on the big win), which really completed our English weekend.  Margaret and I even helped man the cake stand!


1 comment:

  1. What a great weekend - SO ENGLISH!! Cricket and cake - fun times!


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