Friday, 9 August 2013

A Rad Time in Strad

Freddie, William and I just got back from vacationing in the lovely town of Stradbally, Ireland for a week. Freddie had a blast playing with his Nana and Popeye, his four Irish cousins and other relatives. Despite not seeing most of them for awhile (besides on Skype), he wasn't shy at all and immediately started exploring all that Strad has to offer.

We went to the playground, the lake and, of course, the annual Stradbally Steam Rally. This event is always held the first weekend of August and I'm proud to say I have attended each year since I met William. That's 8 years! Wowzers. :) This year was one of the best due to the sunny weather and a great live band. We spent most of our time dancing but also took in the steam engines, tractors and a small petting zoo.

What a trip!


  1. Haha, him on the goat is hilarious! Can't believe you've been to the Steam Rally 8 years in a row - that is impressive!

    1. I know- isn't it! I'm practically a local!


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