Monday, 22 April 2013

Freddie's first haircut

Freddie's hair has been growing like a weed the past couple months. All of a sudden he has quite a mop on top. I knew the day was coming when we would have to cut his hair and I was nervous as all H about it. You might be thinking this was because I am a sentimental old bird (which I am- I was just sobbing watching an episode of One Born Every Minute) and I was sad to see some of his little baby hair go. But...this was not the reason I was so hesitant.

I was nervous because I knew I was going to have to be the one to cut it! I was going to have to get a sharp set of shears right next to his little face. Yes, we could have taken him to the hairdressers (barber shop I guess cause he's a guy?) but I decided awhile back that I was just going to do it myself. Guys often get their hair cut every 6 weeks (William, I'm lookin' at you here) and even though Freddie's hair probably doesn't grow fast enough to merit that, it's still a slippery slope once you start going.

Once you go for the first time, that's the end of the home haircut (for most people- my sister Margaret, however, has managed to do the reverse and has now stopped going to the hairdresser altogether. Instead, she cuts her own hair by first cutting off the ends of her ponytail and then chopping layers in. Bizarre technique but it seems to work.) So, I decided I would cut Freddie's hair for as long as I can- basically until he is old enough to notice it looks weird. We borrowed Margaret's haircutting scissors (she invested in a good pair) and got to work.

Freddie is a madman when he's on the loose so we had to do it when he was in the high chair. He also really likes to help out these days- he will help me put his toys away (even though he immediately just gets them back out) and pick up lint or dirt off the ground to give me (or eat) so I was not surprised when he reached his hands up to his hair and tried to grab the scissors. We quickly solved this problem by giving him his favorite treat- apple-flavored rice cakes!

It was nerve-racking at first but I soon got in the swing of it. The toughest part was around the ears but all in all, I was happy with the result. All of a sudden he's looking more like a toddler than a baby! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since his first birthday is only a couple weeks away but still! If any of you have advice for me for future haircuts (there will be many!) please send it my way. Do I part it and then cut? Hold it straight up and trim (this is what I tried to do on top)? Will I eventually have to shave the back of the neck hairline?

The end result! Posing at the park later that day.


  1. He looks fab! You should be a baby hairdresser. I'll make you a website.

    1. I might have to take you up on that!

  2. He's SOOO cute and grown up! You'll have to cut Ollie's when you're here in August.


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