Tuesday, 16 April 2013

We're backkkkkk!

Freddie and I are back in Edinburgh! My blogging hiatus is finally over. We made it through the flights, layovers, jet lag and had a wonderful trip visiting friends and fam in the good old Pacific Northwest. There were many adventures along the way, including a crazy thunder and lightening storm in Newark (which resulted in us just sitting in the plane on the runway- not even allowed to get up to change a poopy diaper), the airline, who shall remain nameless (FINE- it was United!), checking our stroller all the way through to Edinburgh so I had to carry Freddie on me the entire 4 and a half hour layover (when he wasn't crawling in just a onesie on the not-so-pristine floor) and finding a bug in my salad in the airport cafe (EW).

Nonetheless, it was a GREAT trip. So wonderful to see everyone and my anxiety for the flights was (mostly) for nothing. Freddie did really well on the plane. He loved peering over the top of the seat and spying on the people behind us, eating his lunch off the tray and even slept for hours. On the way back he curled up on the empty middle seat (we were soooo lucky to have an extra seat) and slept for over 4 hours so I could have the opportunity to watch episodes of a few shows I've been meaning to check out (New Girl and The Mindy Project- both pretty funny). Thanks Fred!

With everything that happened in Boston yesterday it really makes you feel grateful for the time you get to spend with your family. It was great to see you all and if we didn't manage to get together, we will be back in August so hope to see you then! Here are some pics from our trip:
Freddie on the plane

My mom's birthday dinner

Going for a walk in St Ed's park
Playing the piano with Grandpa

Freddie and Ollie "sharing" a toy

Keeley feeding Freddie dinner
The 3 cousins at a baby shower for Francie
Heading out for a walk in the sun

Listening to Grandpa play the guitar
Easter picnic at Golden Gardens

Corina's arrival
Holding little Corina
With great-Grandma Martha
With great-Grandpa Padden

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