Saturday, 19 April 2014

Photo of the Week- 39 weeks pregnant!

The due date is 2 days away and we are getting VERY excited to meet the new member of our family.

Freddie definitely knows the time is getting closer and every time we leave the doctor's office or hospital after a check-up he holds his hands up and says "baby?" like - where is it?

He has been giving my belly a lot of kisses and putting his ear up to it to see if he can hear it. When I asked him when the baby is going to come out, he said Tuesday so we'll see if he's right! He's also been extra snuggly with me and wants me to do a lot of the bedtime routine lately. It's fun to spend the extra time with him (usually William does most of bedtime) but I hope he's not too distraught when there's another little human here taking up my time!

A few nights ago I had some contractions and thought, this is it! But, sadly, it was probably just the result of too much spicy Thai food. I might get the same dish next week but my strategy has also changed to just trying to get as much rest as possible for the big day.

The sun is out in Edinburgh and we're heading to the beach this afternoon (stopping at the store to get sunscreen on the way!). So fun to spend some quality time as a family of three before the new guy or gal arrives! Anyone have any birthday predictions?

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