Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween from the Kay/Kearns fam!

We had so much fun carving pumpkins the other day with Freddie. He loved pulling out the pumpkin guts and putting them in the bowl. We've also spent the past few days taking their tops off and then putting them back on. It's even more of a thrill then putting lids on tupperware!

Freddie has a Halloween party to go to at Dad's Rock this Saturday but sadly we won't be going trick-or-treating tonight. I'm going to have to find somewhere to do it next year! 


  1. Cute pumpkins! Why no trick or treating?

    1. Nobody seems to do it here. :( I think if we could find somewhere outside the city, like a little neighborhood or something, then we can go. Definitely need to find somewhere for next year. It isn't the same!! How'd Ollie like it?

    2. Get with it Edinburgh!! Ollie liked it ok . . . he freaked a bit when I took him through a haunted house (duh!) and I don't think he really ever got what was going on, but he likes walking so he enjoyed that part of it =) Keeley on the other hand LOVED it! Can't wait to see pics from the Daddy Disco.


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