Sunday, 3 November 2013

Time to Par-tay!

Freddie and William went to the Dad's Rock Halloween Party yesterday and had an absolute blast! Dad's Rock is a great organization here in Scotland. It's a playgroup for just dads and their kids. We found out about it from a friend of mine and William and Freddie have been going every since.

They have multiple locations around Edinburgh and welcome dads and their kids every Saturday morning. They play with toys, sing songs and dance around. It's completely free and they even give the kids a snack.

Fred and his cowboy Dad

For the Halloween Party yesterday Freddie reprised his role as Freddie Mercury. We changed his costume slightly from last year (added a belt) but figured, why mess with a good thing?!

Freddie and one of his best friends

He even kept his fake mustache on the whole time, which I was shocked at! It made him look very serious and really aged him- he could have passed for at least 3. Note to all the guys out there- nix the facial hair if you want to look younger!


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