Friday, 15 March 2013

Trip to the museum

Freddie and I usually go to the National Museum of Scotland at least once a week. It's a massive museum with just about anything you could imagine in it. We  usually just walk around the main floor for a few minutes and then head to the kid's area but there are actually floors and floors of exhibits just waiting for us.

The museum was remodeled a few years ago and, although I can barely remember what it was like before, I'd say it was well worth the millions they put in to it. The ceilings are incredibly high so there's a very spacious feel, every room seems very well-thought-out and it's really somewhere where I think all ages- baby, toddler, kids, teens and adults can enjoy. It was also recently picked as one of the top ten visitor destinations in the UK. So, if you live in Edinburgh or are visiting- be sure to check it out!

We went yesterday and met two of my friends and their babies there. As always, it's so fun to watch Freddie interact with others close to his age (one of the girls is a month older than him and one is only four days older). They crawl all around and really love to explore. There are musical instruments that they can grab (positioned right at their height- great design!), books they can pull off the shelf, hand puppets, blocks, drums and mirrors. Freddie cannot get enough of the place! His toes are always filthy with dust and he usually falls asleep the second we leave- both good signs he had a good time. :)

Here are some of my favorite pics from the outing.

The impressive Millennium Clock Tower (above) chimes very loudly every hour and always attracts a large crowd. It had just started to chime for 11am when we got there so I pulled Freddie up in front of it and pointed it out to him. I'd like to say he was blown away by the intricate sculptural details but in reality he just stared at the nearby escalator the entire time. Couldn't take his eyes off it! Ha. We'll have to go on it soon.

Freddie taking it all in (above) when we first got to the kid's room. He soon got moving and started exploring and pulling books down off the shelf.

Then it was off to the musical instruments to play a little tune. It took all his strength to reach some of them but when he did, it was well worth it. 

And oh what luck- a random piece of foam right next to the instruments! What a day! This was a huge hit- a lot of kids kept finding it, having a chew and throwing it aside, only for someone else to quickly pounce on it. I'm not sure if it was actually there as part of the toys or if it fell off someone's stroller or something (I'm thinking the latter).
Freddie attempted to escape at one point. Enough of that kid's stuff! He wanted to check out the rest of the place, too. After we played for awhile we took the kiddos up to the cafe for lunch and then it was a walk/run home to get him in bed for his nap. All in all- such a fabulous day!


  1. Wow, what a cool place! Can't wait to take Ollie when we visit. I love the pic of Freddie escaping - what a rascal!

    1. We will definitely go when you guys are here. Ollie will love it!

  2. I've been there once several years ago before the remodel I am sure, and it ewas great then! How fortunate to live so close that you can go every week!!


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