Friday, 8 March 2013

Photo of the week- a lazy Mom!

This week has been a little on the tough side for Freddie and I. I think there's a lot going on with him- getting another tooth, dealing with separation anxiety and trying to remember how to lay himself down when he is standing in his crib. We've had a few early risings too, so those challenges are all made worse by lack of sleep. Poor guy!

I'm trying not to do my usual over-analyzing, trying to figure out what's wrong process. I've decided to just go with it and do whatever gets us through the day in the happiest state. This has included multiple trips to Starbucks for an afternoon latte, eating lots of pasta for dinner (and soup- anything quick!) and some serious slacking in the clothes department (slacking- not lacking, in case you read that too fast).

Now I've never been great at dressing Freddie up in cute, matching outfits. He has adorable clothes, thanks mostly to his Irish side of the fam (no offense to us Americans- we are naturally just more casual!), but I am just too lazy and, especially now, he doesn't want to sit still long enough to get anything on. He would much prefer to just be in his birthday suit all day long.

So, earlier this week we were getting ready to go to the bucks and then the playground and I couldn't find any matching socks. This isn't anything new- I rarely match them up and, even if they do go through the wash together, Freddie likes to carry them around in his mouth around the house and I never know where they end up. But, the problem was, there was only one of his socks in the pile of clean laundry on the couch. I couldn't be bothered to walk the thirty feet to his bedroom to look for another one, so I just put one of mine on his other foot.

It looked ridiculous but his feet were nice and warm and it meant we could exit the house in a jiffy. They both have stripes on them too, so they kind of match anyway, right?


  1. hahahahahaha!!!! That sock is HUGE on him!!! Great pic!

  2. Amazing photo!!! Lookin' good little man!

    1. Thanks Jodz! He can obviously pull anything off. ha! Hope to see you when we're in town in a couple weeks!!


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