Monday, 26 November 2012

Does "baby brain" exist?

I've always thought that the so-called "baby brain" does not exist. It's a myth. How can being pregnant and having a baby make you more forgetful? However, my actions over the course of today and the past few days have me reconsidering. Here's what's happened:

1. When making poached eggs this morning I cracked an egg into the garbage and put the shells in the pan.

2. I made a grocery list for one item (dish soap).

3. I haven't been able to find my keys for 3 days (this is, apparently, CLASSIC baby brain).

4. When doing laundry yesterday I put some dirty clothes in the garbage instead of in the washing machine (sidebar- why do I keep putting everything in the garbage?).

5. I just changed Freddie's diaper twice in ten minutes because I forgot I'd just done it.

HELP! What's the verdict? Baby brain or am I just losing it?


  1. Char, No.1 is in-excusable!! How can you even try to explain that one. Ha

  2. Thank you for your comment William! Maybe next time you should make my poached eggs for me so we can avoid this happening again! :)

  3. ahahahahaha - apparently babies make you lose it!! I blame it on lack of sleep =(

    1. I agree. Maybe our intelligence will slowly return once we start getting more sleep!


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