Friday, 6 March 2015

Learning to lie

Apparently, lying starts at a pretty young age. Now, you could call it 'seeing what you can get away with,' but the reality is — it's lying. Here are some of the lies Freddie has fed me lately:

1. Returns from the bathroom literally one second after he goes in to check for pee. I tell him to go back in and check for real and, looking me straight in the eye, he says 'I did Mama!' I tell him to go in again and I'm going to check on him if he can't tell me the truth and, once again, he returns one second later. 'I peed!' Lie. The next time, we go in together. With me watching at the door he turns, fully clothed, towards the toilet and says in a squeaky little voice 'pee!' I mean, come on. I look smarter than that, don't I Fred?

2. Half a page is ripped out of one of his books. When I asked what happened he said it just came out on its own after he was done reading it. Hmmmmm. Sounds suspicious. 

3. Me: 'What happened to Elsie's biscotti?' 'She gave it to me, Mama. She all full.' Hmmmmmm. Could be true, but I highly doubt it. 

Who, me?

The funny thing is, at other times he's brutally honest, even turning himself in when he's done something wrong. A couple examples:

1. Elsie is wailing and has a red mark on her forehead. Me: 'What happened????' Freddie: 'I just wanted to play with that recycle truck so I grabbed it and it hit Elsie in the head so she has an owie. It'll feel better real soon.'

2. Freddie is suddenly sans clothes the moment we are about to head out. 'Where'd your clothes go?' I ask, as he was completely dressed a minute ago. His response: 'I too hot so I threw my clothes up on top of the couch. I just wearing my birthday suit to the park.'

Let's hope he gets better at it or there's no way he'll be able to sneak out when he's older.

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