Friday, 27 February 2015

Photo of the week - Freddie in Els's jammies

I came into the kids' room yesterday and found Freddie trying to squeeeeeeze himself into one of Elsie's fleece pyjamas. This photo was taken during his proud-of-himself moment (for getting his arms in) but right before he started sobbing because he couldn't also get his legs in. 

Love to see him dressing himself! He can now, usually, get his boxers, trousers, socks and boots on all by himself. He's still working on the shirts and sweaters. Way to go Fred! 

We also had a good laugh about an hour later when I then tried to get his fireman's coat on and it got stuck on my arms so bad I almost called William to come home from work to get me out (my arms were starting to lose feeling!). Sigh. 

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