Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Our trip to France!

We just got back from 10 days in beautiful France - a country I'd never been to (Paris-Charles de Gaulle doesn't count!). We spent the first three nights celebrating our friends Thomas and Izzy's marriage and the following week at a farmhouse with the entire Fitzpatrick clan - including the Kenmore Fitzs.

There were fields of grapes, sunflowers and various other crops (wheat?), giving us a gorgeous view anytime we drove anywhere. We went to a traditional French market, old chateau and cooled off in nearby rivers and lakes.

Freddie and Elsie had a great time with their cousins Keeley and Corina and new friends, Rory and Ava. It was a madhouse of children (six all under the age of three) and Irish but within the insanity (bedtime the first night included about 2 hours of EVERYONE screaming!) came so many laughs. Boardgames, red wine (I had to time it right to avoid Elsie's feedings!) and oh so much cheese.

We ate so many chocolate croissants - they were a staple at breakfast, snack and anytime we had a cup of coffee (which was quite frequent, to say the least!) - that Freddie is still asking for them.

Here are some pics from the wedding...

Finding shade under a tree

Francie entertaining children

It was HOT

Probably our first family photo!

The Fitzs

Where's the groom?

Reenie Roo enjoying her ice cream

Funny faces

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